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 Dirty Radio | Keloha
Dirty Radio

Dirty Radio

12:00AM - 12:45AM Sunday, July 13 Sapphire

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DiRTY RADiO work as hard as any act out there, and that’s because they’re more than just a band; they’re remixers, producers, contributors, collaborators, and businessmen. Traditionally, artists are only able to lock down one corner of the unforgiving juggernaut that is the “music industry” (a now intimidating and cringe-worthy term) but when your crew is made up of three separate talents, all with their own specialty, the result is a crack team of champions with a combined force that would make an action movie cast jealous.

All multi-instrumentalists, Farshad Edalat – the jack of all trades, might be the fuel in the tank, having always been an innovator, and never swallowing what was fed to him. Zachary Forbes presents visionary forward thinking grit, cutting his teeth as a punk and metal drummer before lending those skills to virtually every other genre he could. Anthony Dolhai, found himself growing up in the regimented, but wondrous world of classical music, moving forward (or perhaps laterally) as a teenager into R&B and pop. If taking complete control of their own artistic destiny wasn’t enough, the trio who also comprise production team The Heratix, lock down nearly every style of pop music with their DIY ethics intact.

Put DiRTY RADiO beside the Swedish House Mafia one night and The Whitest Boy Alive the next, and you’ll find neither evening to be an out of place coupling. With most acts, one would assume this would create a mountain too high to climb, but with a work ethic and distinct dedication to their work, DiRTY RADiO realize that as a trio, their respective skills can function like Voltron and propel them further than any one of them individually.

The frightening part about an act like DiRTY RADiO is that with all their success, they still consider themselves to be on the rise. Without looking back, they have the advantage that only previously successful acts have, and that’s to take risks. With an appetite to innovate, DiRTY RADiO plan to change the entire landscape of music in this country and even beyond the borders. There are no sure bets in this business, but if you’re down to your last chip it would be prudent to attach your sail to these three young virtuosos.  

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