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 Paperboy | Keloha


1:15PM - 1:35PM Sunday, July 13 Sandbar Stage



What's not to love about soul music? You've got the hoots, the hollers, the sweat, and the good times! These key ingredients are the base of what makes the musical outfit Paperboy. Drawing heavily from the Soul music traditions of Motown, Staxx Records, and Rhythm and Blues styles this dynamic trio puts their own seal on the much-beloved genre. While words are often a clumsy way to describe a band, here is perhaps the best way to describe Paperboy's sound: Imagine for a moment that Bo Diddley and Otis Redding are going on a road trip to Chicago, James Brown is bouncin' around in the back seat and Aretha Franklin is threatening to turn the whole car around if they don't settle down. Needless to say Paperboy is not a group that you sit still to enjoy.

Over the last four years Paperboy has been on what some might call “their proverbial grind”. The boys in a very short amount of time have released two full length studio albums. First Week on the Job (2010) showcases the raw and early stages of a band finding its legs, chock full of dramatically diverse songs that offer something for any listener. The News (2013) is an album that fully showcases the freight train energy of the band and take-no-prisoners along the way attitude that accompanies their live show. The News received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, drawing parallels with Billie Holiday and Bo Diddley, to name a few. It was in the summer of 2013 that Paperboy won Telus' Public Records Grant worth $5000 for emerging independent artists. Working with Lee Watkins from LMW Photos they crafted a stunningly dark and moody video for the track El Scorpiones (The News) which was entirely shot, crafted and designed through local resources. While these three young men can hold their own on any stage, they have had the pleasure of sharing shows with the likes of Bend Sinister, Micheal Bernard Fitzgarald, Son Real, The Zolas, and Dear Rouge to name a few.

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