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 Star Captains | Keloha
Star Captains

Star Captains

1:40PM - 2:10PM Saturday, July 12 Power 104 Main Stage

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Lift off. The Star Captains are a fleet of five based in Vancouver, BC and their musical space quest is navigated by a shared love for soul, beats, rock, and rhythm.  A fusion of styles, the Captains blend the sonic and gain inspiration from the cosmic: tube-driven guitar tones dance with analogue synthesizers while luscious vocals gravitate towards chordal backdrops…and upon such quandaries settle the saxophone nebulae and groove channels forged through space-time.  As the Universe is full of enticing what-ifs, the Star Captains continually strive to satisfy through collisions of musical isms from the realms of titans like Jimi, Miles, Herbie, and Prince.  “New Freedoms”, the band’s first LP, is scheduled for launch in early 2013 and has been a true labor of love.  Thanks for your support!

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