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 The Dudes | Keloha
The Dudes

The Dudes




Rock and Roll is important. VERY important. The Dudes learned that lesson early. It's one of those things that gives more than it takes. It ain't easy, but once it's in your bones it's in there for good. Take it from your body?... you leave yourself lifeless and lame. Remove it from your life?... you risk your very soul. SO. That's why the Dudes have been rocking non stop together since they were little nobodies. Now they're huge somebody's. You've just absolutely GOT to see them play. You're gonna laugh, you're gonna dance, you're gonna pump your fists. It's gonna sound like a miracle sharing a pair of pants with a hurricane. There's not a person on earth that croons like Danny. There's not a human in your life who bangs the drums like Scott. There ain't a frat boy in college that can party harder than Bob. There's not a bird in the sky singing sweeter than Brock. Their latest effort, "Barbers, Thieves and Bartenders" Is set to be released in April 2012 and is sure to continue the proud Dudes tradition of pulling no punches and bringing the ROCK party.

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